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Retail Industry:

Data-Driven Retail Experiences

GET digitized beyond organizational boundaries help you to remain on cutting edge of technology.

GET is focused on growth-oriented retail and wholesale distribution enterprises looking to leverage technology and platforms to drive growth and profitability in a disruptive environment, digitalize their supply chain, and win the new digital-customer. Silicus cloud-first technology services enable these enterprise build a software-driven business, modernize their infrastructure, upgrade to smart digital workplaces, and leverage IoT and Analytics for improved outcomes, efficiency and risk.

Omnichannel Customer Master Data Management

Integrating data from your point-of-sale (POS), web, contact center, mobile apps, and social channels enables you to deliver a seamless customer experience.

To streamline operations, retailers must focus on improving the multichannel shopping experience to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Yet the customer data required to do so is often low quality and inconsistent across retail applications, including CRM, POS, and e-commerce. Without a trustworthy, 360-degree view of your customer data—including information about their preferred products and channels—gaining valuable consumer insights is challenging. This keeps you from making informed decisions about your customers and improving cross-sell and up-sell offers, marketing promotions, and customer service.

GET as an retail innovator

In this globalized market, retailers like you may find it hard to keep up with the inventory demand as things come in and go out, at the speed of light. Get full visibility across your business to deliver a complete shopping experience to your customers and extend your business globally with GET for Retail Industry. Accelerate your business transformation and improve your operational efficiency, customer experience and customer retention. Simplify and combine your business process with the most innovative ERP software for Retail industry. Companies in the retail industry face a number of challenges in day to day operations, like changing consumer behavior, fluctuations in demand, competition, and local regulatory issues. Other concerns include complex and diversified pricing schemes, retaining personnel, preventing theft, and stock loss.

Why GET as an ultimate choice?

Industry experience working across Retail enterprises and Retail technology providers.
Proven experience in helping Retail businesses adopt digital transformation technologies.
Expertise in leveraging cloud to provide flexible & scalable solutions that help businesses innovate, compete & grow.


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